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Mevagissey Parish Council Minutes – November 2013


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at the Mevagissey Activity Centre

On Thursday 21st November 2013 at 7pm.

Present              Cllrs.  M Facey (Deputy Chairman), E Chesterfield, J Arthur, J Daniel, C Robins,  J Whatty, J Feeley.

Apologies          Cllrs. M Roberts, G Shephard, S Hrydziuszka, L Paige, J Morgan, A Williams, J Barron,

PCSO A Hemming.


In Attendance      M Bunney CC, Christopher Montagu (Pound & Co.), PJ Howson (Clerk), 2 Members of the Public.




1.         Opening remarks: Cllr. Chesterfield spoke in memory of Cllr. Morgan’s father, who passed away this week, and the Council expressed their condolences with a few moments of silence.


2.         The Deputy Chairman welcomed the new co-opted Councillor, Julia Feeley, of Portmellon Park.


3a.        Declarations of interest.     None.


3b.        Gift Declarations.             None.


4.         Police Report.  A written report was received for the period 18 October – 20 November detailing 9 crimes as follows:            criminal damage to property 1, criminal damage to dwelling 2, criminal damage to vehicle 1, theft non-specific 1,             burglary domestic 1, burglary commercial 2, non-crime domestic 1.   The report also expressed thanks for supporting          the attendance at the Remembrance service of the St Austell Police Cadets, who laid their wreath at the service.       Notice was also given of plans for a Police Cadet training day in Mevagissey in March 2014, whereby the Cadets           would have to deal with a variety of staged scenarios, eg a shop lifting, a missing person, a burglary, etc.. Suitable             venues for staging these incidents are sought, and residents interested in helping in this regard are invited to contact             either PC Dorman or PCSO Hemming.  Further details will be made available as plans progress.

5.         Presentation by Mr Christopher Montagu of Pound & Co., Chartered Surveyors and Planning Consultants, giving   details of the intended planning application for the residential development of land at Steep House, Portmellon.  It           was noted that the designs were more influenced by historical development in the area than previous proposals, and       that the paddock would remain undeveloped.  Cllr. Daniel said that the existing structure referred to in the plans as a            “cottage” had always been a barn, and part of the paddock; it was therefore not part of the curtilage of Steep House          and was thus outside of the development envelope.  The designs were generally favourably received, although it was       felt strongly that Lower Steep House was far too big to be acceptable as proposed.  Mr Montagu was also asked to   consider including a covenant not to develop the paddock.

6.         Points from the Public.


a)  Mrs Pat Lee of The Anchorage (opposite Steep House) expressed concern that any development of the barn         would set a precedent for future development of the paddock, and queried the safety of the proposed access.


b)  Mr Roger Mitchell congratulated the Council on their work to keep the toilets open; and urged the Council to    press for the return of the School Hill bus service.  Cllr. Bunney endorsed this, and stressed the importance of people   continuing to petition Western Greyhound and Cornwall Council Passenger Transport Unit (CC PTU).


7.         Minutes.   Cllr. Chesterfield asked for item 9c of the minutes of the meeting held on 17th October 2013 to be          amended to show herself as Proposer of the Resolution.  This was done and the minutes were accepted..


8.         Clerk’s actions from previous meeting:

  • Council’s formal protest at the bus service changes had been sent to Western Greyhound, copied to CC PTU.  Western Greyhound had not replied and a further approach will be made.
  • Dave Myland (SWW) had confirmed that the root cause of the flooding near the reservoir above Tregiskey was mains damage at the harbour permitting sea water to enter the system at high tide.  Significant capital work was required to repair the entire length of the rising main and the funding process was under way, although work was not expected to start for 18 months.  The Clerk was actioned to invite Mr Myland to address the Council about the timescales, and to write to Cornwall Council Public Health and Protection.


9.         Planning


9a.        PA13/09378  :  Addition of an extension to the rear of the property to add accommodation space and stabilise the    structure of the existing building.   54 Cliff Street Mevagissey

Proposed by Cllr. Arthur, Seconded by Cllr. Chesterfield that the Council considers this an over-development of the            property and out of character with the surrounding properties, and therefore OBJECTS.

9b.        PA13/09090  :  Screening opinion request for the erection of 31 dwellings (21 affordable), landscaping, estate roads and services.   Land at School Hill Mevagissey.  The Planning Officer had ruled that an Environmental Impact         Assessment (EIA) was not required.  The Clerk has written to express the Council’s disagreement with this.

9c.        The following Planning Applications have been Approved by Cornwall Council:

PA13/07813  :  Proposed extension, alterations and new external decking area, 49 Polkirt Hill.

PA13/07006  :  Conversion to form cafe and 3 residential units and demolition of tattoo studio,

Expectations, 1 West Wharf. (also PA13/07219, associated listed building consent).

PA13/06204  :  Proposed dwelling, The Retreat, Vicarage Hill.


10.       Finances


Bills to Pay Clerk’s salary




  Income Tax & NIC




  Valley Rd toilets operation July-September




  The Ship Inn – winter public toilet facilities




(first of two payments)
  RBL wreath




  Cormac – Playing field grass cutting




  MAC – room hire June-September




  Road salt




  Cllr. Facey – picture presented to previous clerk




  Legal Fees













Accounts Amount available to spend as of last meeting




  Expenditure at last meeting




  Leaving a total of




  Destroyed cheques (Follett Stock)




  Money at Bank




  Redeemed pledges towards legal fees




  Mevagissey Bay Association towards toilets




  Available to spend




  Bank Statements:





Current Account






Deposit Account













11.        Retirement of Harbour Master.  Cllrs. Chesterfield, Robins and Arthur undertook to source a vellum scroll for presentation, and email details, including cost, to Council.


12.        Free community trees – agree suitable areas for planting and arrangements for collection and planting.  It was agreed that Vicarage Hill was a suitable site, and Cllr. Whatty undertook to co-ordinate this with the help of Mark Groom.


13.        Report back on the meeting with Jon James re. toilets on 13th November.  West Wharf toilets will remain open throughout the winter.  Valley Road toilets are currently still open, and Cllr. Facey will write to Cornwall Council about these in 2 weeks time.  Meanwhile, the Council expressed their sincere thanks to the following businesses who contributed £2,150.50 towards the cost of keeping Valley Road toilets open:  The Wheel House, Harbour Trading, Country Kitchen, Rising Sun Inn, Moore’s, Wild Air B&B, Model Railway, Lavender Pillow, Willow Car Park, Sunny Corner Car Park, Mill Garage Pentewan, Market Square Cafe, Nautilus, Mevagissey Post Office, Bella Mae, Portmellon Trading, Avellana Crafts.




14.        Issues raised by Cllr. Chesterfield:

  • Polstreath footpath – the Cornwall Council Enforcement Officer had risk assessed this and ruled that it was safe. Cllr. Bunney will escalate to Jon James (Environment Manager).
  • Village sign at Tregiskey Crossroads – Proposed by Cllr. Chesterfield, Seconded by Cllr. Arthur that Cllr. Facey should pursue the taking down and carriage of the sign for renovation, and its subsequent re-fixing.


15.        Agree spending of the Netlofts 106 Agreement money.  Proposed by Cllr. Chesterfield, Seconded by Cllr. Arthur that the spending plan recommended by the previous Clerk in consultation with the Principal Public Space Officer should be implemented, but that the (current) Clerk should obtain 2 quotes for all items.


16.        Formulate the agenda for the Localism meeting with Jeremy Rowe on 28th November.  This will be primarily a fact finding meeting, but will include discussion of toilets, car parks and footpaths.


17.        Agree Parish Precept for 2014-15.  Proposed by Cllr. Arthur, Seconded by Cllr. Chesterfield that this be deferred to the next meeting, by which time we will know a) whether the Council Tax Benefit Support Grant will be paid next year, and b) the outcome of the localism meeting with Jeremy Rowe.


18.        Licensing Act Policy consultation. Proposed by Cllr. Chesterfield, Seconded by Cllr. Arthur that this be deferred to the next meeting.


19.        DCMS Consultation to make changes to Entertainment Licensing.    All Councillors to email their comments to the Clerk by 30th November.


20.        Cornwall Council Planning Consultation.  The Clerk was actioned to comment on the Renewable Energy Landscape Supplementary Planning Document to the effect that any Planning Applications for wind turbines or “solar farms” within 3 miles of the coastline should be given a “highly sensitive” classification.


21.        Review of Standing Orders – Cllr. Roberts (deferred from October).  Deferred again to next meeting.


22.        Community Network Panels – feedback on discussion document – Cllr. Roberts (deferred from October).  Deferred again to next meeting.


23.        School Hill development  –  update.  The Judicial Inquiry took place today at Bristol.  A decision will be announced before 18th December.


24.        For the next meeting, the Clerk was actioned to establish the detail of the Section 106 Agreement for Phase 2 of the Shipbuilders Close development; and Cllr. Bunney undertook to establish the methodology used to arrive at the totals in the Home Choice list.


25.        The meeting closed at 20:58.         Date of next meeting  :  19th December 2013.

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