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Happy New Year!

First up, Happy New Year and thanks sooooo much for your trust and support in 2021. It’s much appreciated.

As we enter the dawn of a new year, it’s always a good time to consider how we want that year to look. It’s clear that doing what we’ve always done has given us the results we have now, so only by changing how we do things can we achieve new outcomes.

We don’t always have to make huge changes. On the contrary, larger ones are harder to sustain in the long run. Doing something different each day that we didn’t do the day before is much more realistic.

Shopping and travelling less and more locally: being more conscientious about what we choose to buy: consider a more environmental option rather that the cheapest one: asking ourselves if the choices were making are necessary, or just fulfilling a base desire.

There are no rules to change: it is entirely driven by the individual. True change, like world peace, starts with each one of us. We don’t have to rely on our neighbours and leaders. Every choice we make is, and will be groundbreaking if we sustain it, so I wish you all the very best with your own choices this year. You can make a difference: in truth, it’s only us as individuals who can.

Stay safe and well


Mark David Hatwood – Founder

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