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Health, Naturally – February 2013 – An invitation to freecare from Feb-April

Infant Colic – Why See a Chiropractor?

ColickyBabyWe can’t actually say we are effective at curing colic. It is an area of progressive but not conclusive research to which no one can categorically claim they have the answer. However on a daily basis parents still use chiropractors and osteopaths to have their babies checked for trauma suffered at birth. The majority of these babies unravel their own injuries naturally, but a select number require manual help, i.e. by unraveling the pressures that change their structure from birth traumas. Studies show that when babies become stuck in the birth canal, or when tools are used to help them through the birth canal, such as forceps, they receive trauma that is palpable and reversible.

As the spine is the home of the nervous system, it’s not a huge leap to link birth injuries to the skeleton resulting in nerve complaints such as tongue coordination; and before long you may have a feeding problem from a baby that cannot suck with much force. This example results from a strain on the cranial base, a part of the skull that sits on the top vertebrae (the atlas). In infants this is not a complete bone. Holes in this bone allow nerves and blood vessels to pass through, but torsion from forceps can pressure-twist the plate, compressing a hole (such as the Jugular Foramen) through which the hypoglossal nerve travels and can widen the other. We have two nerves to the tongue, so if one side fires effectively and the other doesn’t, our little one cannot make an effective vacuum around a teat.

Research shows that manual therapies for colic are twice as effective as GP administered medicines and as one baby has died from the most effective medicine (now removed from the market), I’d far rather give a gentle manual therapist a chance to cure my baby without risk to the baby.

An invitation to freecare from Feb-April

kcWhy am I offering free services for all colicky babies and free checks for ‘normal’ babies? I am undertaking a master’s degree over the next six months. As such, in return for a one-week crying diary, I am offering free care for babies that require treatment and also free exams for all babies who are without obvious discomfort.

The treatment applies to any baby that falls within a colic diagnosis, but babies without any crying issues are also needed for a comparison. I am studying which part of the day a colicky baby cries the most compared to a normal baby. My perspective is to look at colic from the baby’s discomfort rather than whether it is one specific trigger. My offer extends to babies aged between 0-10 weeks. Just visit my website for contact details or to familiarize yourself with my service:

‘I’m excited about this study but can only hold the offer between Feb, March and April this year. I do treat babies every month however this is over a wide variety of conditions, not just colic.

This journey began when my first of three sons were born eight years ago. I had such a sense of responsibility/anxiety that I found myself undertaking courses about how to treat babies. I completed the advanced level of craniosacral therapy for paediatrics as well as other courses my profession offers. Eventually I found I’d covered all the courses of the first year in a master’s degree and thought, why not do that as well?! Currently juggling two busy clinics, three kids, and my interest in new aspects of my profession – whilst also doing triathlons – has left the master’s on the back burner, so it’s all go this year to make the final hurdle.

treating-babyIf I could ask for everyone’s help in promoting this offer it would be greatly appreciated, so please feel free to spread the word. I always say that treating a colicky baby helps three people: baby, mum and dad!

One memorable case was a six week old baby that hadn’t stopped crying since birth. Mum made the decision to seek some help and during the visit, the father openly expressed his skepticism that manual therapy had any effect on babies. This was one of those moments where I wished I’d filmed what transpired! In my anxiety to get this little fella to relax and let go of his birth trauma – whilst also aware of the father’s looming stare – after some time I managed to get the baby to stop crying and his arms and legs dropped out into a starfish position; completely at ease. Sweating with anxiety, I looked up to find the father with both hands over his mouth in astonishment. It was the first time his son had ever stopped crying and looked at peace. Needless to say, Dad is now a patient of mine, too!

I hope this introduction to my services for babies has been of interest. With your help I hope this can be circulated as far as possible so I can gather the data and start writing my thesis on the practical cure of colic.

Kind regards,

Mike Noone, BSc, DC (Chiropractor)


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