Oarsome Foursome

Oarsome Foursome – August 2019

Well, as we write this update it will be 17 weeks until we’re on the start line at La Gomera in the Canary Islands, ready to embark on our 3,000 mile row!

We’ve taken some time to reflect on how far we’ve come in the 2 years since first signing up to the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge and thought we’d share them with you.


  • Raised half (£44,000) of the total cost to compete
  • Contacted 500 businesses for sponsorship (in the South West and beyond)
  • Signed up 21 ‘250 Club’ members
  • Been fortunate to partner with 14 businesses who have generously supported us ‘in kind’ with products, services or gifts including boat equipment, clothing & professional photographs
  • 750 followers on Facebook
  • 493 followers on Instagram
  • All had sessions with Personal Trainers
  • Held so many fundraising events we’ve lost count but they include … supermarket collections, cake stalls, FB Live raffle, coffee mornings, Lafrowda, race night, Halloween Ball, singing event, Powderham Castle, quiz night, 80’s night and Bingo on the Beach!
  • All attended and passed the mandatory courses (Radio, Sea Survival, First Aid & Navigation)
  • Spent more time on the phone than Busby from BT did (showing our world record breaking ages here!!!)
  • Trained for thousands of hours
  • All own a rowing machine, kept at home, and do at least one x 2 hour session a week (in addition to weights, yoga, cycling, strength sessions and proper rowing)
  • Dipped into our own reserves for finance, motivation & determination

It’s so easy to only look forward and think yes, we have a way to go, but wow, haven’t we had a journey already and we couldn’t have achieved it without your amazing support. We were always told the hardest part is “getting to the start line” and how right they were!

‘Liberty’ (our R45 ocean rowing boat) is now in Penzance. Race rules require us to clock up at least 120 hours of rowing Including 24 in darkness, so we’re getting out every weekend.

We’ve had an issue with a new oar, so not had a full set for a few weeks, but that’s being fixed and this weekend we’ll be ready to crack on again (and sleep on the boat hopefully).

We also have a plan b to row on a local lake at Stithians if the sea rules against us (remember, when we’re in the Atlantic there isn’t anything to bump into, but here on our coastline we do, so the wind plays a bigger part in training for us).

As we’re so close to the big event now we’ve decided to make rowing our priority – hours and physical muscle memory. That means less time for fundraising so if any of our amazing donors would like to help us further to secure the balance, please do get in touch. Likewise, if this is the first time you’ve heard about us and want to help.

We want to work collaboratively with you and your teams, and can offer packages now and after the row including team building and inspirational talks.

As a reminder, whilst it costs us £90k to make this happen, Oarsome Foursome will sell the boat and equipment after the race. A generous donor will equal that amount (up to £50k) and with gift aid (if allowed), we’re aiming to raise £112.5k for our 3 charities:




Finally and most importantly, a heartfelt and genuine thank you to you all. We’ve only got this far because of your support and encouragement, and we know we’ll be there on 12th December because of you too.

Team Oarsome Foursome


07970 949785

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