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Recycling Collections May Be Suspended for COVID-19

UPDATE: Cornwall Council leader Julian German has sought to clarify his comments and state that “things MAY change depending upon staff resource”. He has apologised for any confusion.


Recycling collections are to be suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak as Cornwall Council focuses on black bag waste.

Cornwall council said it would need to offer services differently as it tries to cope with the issues caused by COVID-19 which has created staff shortages so some services having to be reduced.

Council leader & Roseland Councillor Julian German announced the fortnight kerbside recycling collection stoppages by saying:

“We will have to look at reduced services and our focus will be on black bag waste so we will stop taking recycling.”

residents will still be able to take their own recycling to household waste recycling centres and the black bag waste collections will continue weekly by Biffa.

No indication as to when the recycling collections will resume. Cornwall Council has also suspended meetings of its community network panels due to worries over the virus because they too sometimes attracting large groups, so the council decided they should be cancelled.

And the council has also announced that all elections have also been postponed, this includes by-elections, parish or town council elections and neighbourhood plan referendums.

The elections will be held on a new, future date.

For more information about Cornwall Council and the Coronavirus go to www.cornwall.gov.uk and email any enquiries to covid19@cornwall.gov.uk

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