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Removal Of Recycling Banks On The Roseland

Cornwall Council are removing recycling banks inherited from Cornwall’s former district councils. These were installed before the household recycling collection service was brought in and now every residential address has a fortnightly recycling collection. The recycling banks being removed on the Roseland are:

Week commencing 7th September:
St. Mawes car park

Week commencing 14th September:
St. Just in Roseland (Free car park)
Gerrans car park

If you have been using the recycling banks, please start using your household recycling collections or take your recycling to your nearest Household Waste and Recycling Centre.

Signs will be put up before the banks are removed and will remain there for a period after the banks have been removed. The banks will either be reused or recycled.

Reminder – Businesses often used these recycling banks illegally to dispose of their commercial waste. All businesses should pay for commercial waste collection instead of burdening local taxpayers. If you run a business you will need to find a commercial waste operator. Search online or ask neighbouring businesses which provider they use. Please ensure you use registered waste carriers who are authorised to collect and dispose of your waste.

To find out more about recycling in Cornwall, go to https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/recycling


  • We have been coming to this fantastic area every year for the last 20 years, we are now completely confused concerning recycling. If you are here for 7 days, what do you do, where do you put bottles, plastics ect. Help… at the moment it’s in the boot to take home.

  • Yeah, I too will add my voice to the chorus: “IDIOTS!”
    In these times we should be making it as easy as possible for people to recycle -not more difficult.

  • Can someone from the council please advise me how to help people staying at my home on the Roseland to do the right thing? I’ve just tried to drive 250 miles to take my recycling home, and despite my best efforts it spilled everywhere in the car. I can’t stand the idea of not recycling, but I can’t realistically tell guests staying to take their recycling out of the county. We want to do the right thing for the environment, and for Cornwall. This decision doesn’t feel like it will help either.

  • We are down here for the week and there is nowhere to recycle. Usual local government (aka government) incompetence and stupidity and false economy as the recycle bins are needed given the amount of tourism the area generates.

  • If the recycling bins are being used then why not leave them where they are? What is the idea behind this issue? Why do they have to be removed? Seems ridiculous to remove the bins when they are obviously needed, listen to the locals that you are meant to represent.

  • How ridiculous and short sighted. A false economy. As other posters have added, the St Mawes bins in particular are usually filled to overflowing, so obviously the need is there and a fortnightly collection appears NOT to work as the bags are too small. A little investment in “fit for purpose” green wheelie bins is surely the answer – black bin for waste, green bin for recycling. Collected on alternate weeks. Hundreds of councils across the UK operate such a system – why not Cornwall…….

  • I’m quite concerned about the removal of these bins as, I’m a regular visitor, and am being told to put my recycling in my black bin waste where it will be separated by the waste disposal company. Really? Do I really believe the bin company split open my black bag, with contaminated recycling in it, and remove it. No way and especially with COVID-19 being a risk. So, I take my recycling to Gerrans carpark and put it in the recycling bins. The Roseland has thousands of visitors so I believe the majority of their waste is going to landfill. Not a good thought. Please reconsider your actions.

  • Whenever I see the recycling bins in St Mawes and Gerrans they are usually full. This suggests that rather than put recycled items outside their house for regular collection, people are taking the trouble to use the bins. It is therefore probable that the household collections are insufficient and people have no other option, apart from fly-tipping, to use the bins.

  • This is madness. whenever I go to these Recycling places they are full! We have visitors here, do we really want more rubbish everywhere? Whose idea is this? Please reconsider.

  • Well let’s just add to fly tipping and then the council will complain how much it costs to clean it up.Shortsighted beyond belief.Our recycling because we do it to the letter where possible will take more than 1 measly bag every fortnight what a stupid stupid policy.You watch top Mawes car park will be horrendous.Just proved yet again what a bunch of inept idiots run CCC.I give up to the self centred councillors who run this county.Overpaid staff and a truly badly run county

    • Live here,what are you talking about.All our plastic,glass and paper goes to recycling.Have you seen the paltry size of the recycle bags.You are talking none sense.

  • Given we have owned a 2 nd home in St Mawes for 31 years and cannot guarantee our leaving dates we always as a family make use of the recycling bins. I presume you are prepared for the increase of debris around the village given we shall have to leave it out for collection ahead of the date. which will tempt the foxes rats and seagulls.
    Given the advent of Covid-19 and the unknown transmission of this disease is this truly what the council want? I appreciate that the bins are stacked full in the summer season, but just because they are removed It is somewhat naive to assume all the recycling will disappear. Please do think very carefully before removing them.

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