Roseland Environment Action Community Team:  News for September

Roseland Environment Action Community Team:  news for September 

There was no meeting in August, but the July meeting gave us plenty to work on.

Three of us who are Gerrans parish councillors took several proposals to the August parish council meeting.  One of these secured agreement in principle from Gerrans PC to apply to be part of Cornwall Council’s Environmental Growth for Rural Parishes project pilot. The project we have in mind is to restore and renovate a number of ponds in the parish, which would provide both a link with local life in the past and a future environmental benefit.

Gerrans PC also discussed the possibility of an electric car charging point in the parish, but first we would need to arrange a feasibility study into the costs and return on investment.  If you’ve wished you could get an electric car yourself but can’t charge it at home, would you welcome a public charging point? Let us know.

It was great to have David Hall and Simon Perry at our meeting, to tell us about all the work Wild Roseland is doing.  We’re keen to make sure we don’t duplicate any of their work, but their wealth of knowledge is invaluable in helping steer REACT in the right direction on environmental projects.  Our new website will be a good place to find links to Wild Roseland and other local organisations working on environmental and climate initiatives.

Joanna Holah has drawn up a list of green energy suppliers and can let you have a copy if you contact her.  She says there are new incentives if you install green energy systems such as solar panels at home. You can find information online from The Energy Saving Trust on the new Feed-in Guarantee Scheme/Smart Export Guarantee schemes.  These start officially in 2020 but are already being offered by some electricity companies. So if you produce electricity for the grid you should be able to get a significantly reduced tariff.

Ethical Consumer Magazine is a useful way to see which company might share your own ethical priorities. It rates Good Energy and Ecotricity as their ‘Best Buy’ renewable energy companies.

Our next meeting is on Monday 30th September, 6pm in the Standard.  Do join us.  If you want to get in touch here are our contact details:  Richard Cochrane Helen Hastings 01872 580312

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