Roseland Plugshare

Sadly, there are currently no commercial EV chargers available to visitors to the Roseland Peninsula. As such, with your help, Roseland Online want to extend a warm welcome to EV drivers this season by helping them obtain a charge whilst here.

If you’re an EV driver with a home-charger and are willing to rent it to visitors for a £15 fee (less £1 PayPal fees) Roseland Online will create a map of local charging stations like yours and even do all the admin and financial transactions. All you need do is agree a mutually agreeable time for your visitor to come (they will contact you after paying for your services in advance) and let them charge on your home charger.

Once they’re finished, just let us know and we’ll transfer the funds to you, or you can choose to donate it to a cause (like Roseland Online ;0) of your choice.

Below are some FAQs about the service. Additionally the terms of service for drivers. If you have any other questions or ideas for us to include, please feel free to email who is spearheading this initiative.


Roseland PlugShare FAQs

How much power will an average EV car consume?

Most commercial EVs are around 64kwh. Given cars won’t be entirely empty, we estimate the average charge be up to 50kw. The average price of Electricity per kw is 18pence so in this case a charge would use around £9 of electricity. Of course, if the charge is smaller and your kw rate under 18p, this estimated maximum would be reduced.

How long will an average car take to charge?

Using the the example above, the average 7kwh home charger would take around 7 hours to charge 50kw. It may be wise to suggest your guest do this overnight, especially if you have an Economy 7 package, as this would reduce your costs dramatically.

How can I contact my guest?

We would highly recommend you exchange contact details of your guest charger when they arrive and agree a pickup time. Roseland Online will also have their contact details if you have any issues.

What if my guest turns up later or earlier than expected?

It is important to stress to your guest charger what timing restraints you have when agreeing the charging appointment. We do stress to guests that late comers run the risk of losing their charging appointment and there is no refund should this be the case. If you may be late, please make sure you don’t leave your guest waiting around and contact them to let them know of any changes in timings.

How do I get my money once my guest has charged up?

Simply email us after the change and we will be happy to transfer the charge fee to you via PayPal or bank transfer (the latter will take half a day to set up). Alternatively, we can donate your charge fee to a charity of your choice (including your very own community website, Roseland Online, if you wish! ;0-)

What happens if I go away or can no longer offer my charger?

Please let us know asap if you are intending to close your charing station due to holidays or days away and we’ll happily remove it from the charge map for those times. We can easily reinstate it once you’re back again.

What if a guest wants to wait around?

We make it clear to people charging that this is a drop-off and pick-up service only, not one where they can hang around. When making your appointment, please be clear about any changes to this. We do not recommend you host your guest in your home whist the charge is taking place as this could take many hours (a 7kwh home charger only delivers around 25 miles of range per hour of charge)

Will I need to provide cables?

No. All EV cars have their own charging cables for this kind of charging, so you shouldn’t have to provide your guest with any extras. They should be able to simply plug in to your charging station with the cables that they have as standard with their car.

What if I only have one parking space at my home?

If you only have room for one car near your charger and it is not possible or inconvenient to leave your own car somewhere else during the guest charge, then it would be inadvisable to offer your location to a possible guest. This is only for homes that can provide access for several hours to their guests. It is also very inadvisable to allow a guest charger’s car to block you in during their charge in case you suddenly need access to your own vehicle in an emergency.


Terms of Service for PlugShare Users

When Purchasing a PlugShare Charge, you agree to the following rules:

  • I understand this is a drop and pickup service and that staying on site during a charge is not permitted 
  • I will remain courteous at all times when interacting with my host. 
  • I will be punctual to both the agreed drop off and pickup times 
  • I will be available for contact throughout the charge in case of an issue and react swiftly if needed
  • I agree that any violation of these rules may well forfeit my charge and fees
  • I understand this is a non-refundable service except in exceptional circumstances and even then, will be less any commission fees
  • I agree that this service is used entirely at my (the car owner’s) risk and any damage to car or a host’s property will be the sole responsibility of myself.

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