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Seagull Proof Bags Available to Combat Waste

rippedbagsAt the recent Gerrans Parish Council meeting they addressed the problem of rubbish bags being left out at the wrong times, which are then torn apart by seagulls, resulting in waste being strewn over roads and pathways. This is obviously as unsightly as it is a health hazard.

Roseland Online felt it prudent to point out to all parishioners that their rubbish is their responsibility until it is collected.  If it creates a litter problem and parishioners and visitors don’t take steps to stop it from happening, they may receive a fixed penalty notice.

If rubbish cannot be put out at the correct time, or if it is impracticable to use a bin, reusable seagull proof bags are purchasable for £3.50 each at any Cornwall Council one stop shop. The seagull proof bags hold around three black sacks of rubbish.  They have a secure Velcro fastening, a tie at the back, and a weighted base to stop them blowing away after collection. If you live in our around St Mawes, the Roseland Visitor’s centre also sells them (Open Monday to Saturday 10am – 4pm)

We hope all home owners and visitors will consider taking action if their rubbish is being tampered with as we want to keep the Roseland and South Central Cornwall as beautiful as possible for residents and holidaymakers at our busiest time of year. Please feel free to share this information with neighbours, friends and family about the reusable sacks if you think it may benefit them.


  • Not only do the torn rubbish bags make an unsightly mess in the village, but it encourages the seagulls to look to humans for food. So far we have avoided the seagull attacks of St Ives and Lemon Quay, Truro but if they learn there are easy pickings around they will strike humans too if food is around.

    • Hi Mary
      I quite agree Mary. I think the picture used should be put on all the local noticeboards with a suitable appeal to everyone in large letters!


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