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St Mawes Primary School Learn To Throw Dough Like An Italian Pro

DSC_4848Pupils from  St Mawes Primary School recently took part in a pizza workshop with the Italian Pizza chef last week at The St Mawes Hotel.

The students were invited in to meet Massimiliano and learn his special dough throwing technique – they were so excited to take part and loved every minute.

The 19 younger students attended on Wednesday and had a slice of pizza at the hotel and the 23 older students attended on DSC_5005Friday and each took the pizza they had made back to school for lunch. The young chefs loved the experience  – comments to be overheard included  “I liked the way he flipped the dough, he made it look easy but it was really hard to do” and “The dough felt really squidgy but tasted epic!”

St Mawes Primary School Teacher, Angela Praed added  “It was an amazing opportunity for the children to see first-hand a genuine Italian chef making pizzas from scratch. Thanks to the generosity of the St Mawes Hotel all the children got to make and eat their own creations.”

Speaking to Roseland Online Manager of St Mawes Hotel, Ben Bass commented “It was great to be able to invite St Mawes Primary school to join us for our Pizzeria Week, to be able to give something back to the local community is very important to us at the St Mawes Hotel.  We all had lots of fun and it was also educational for the children and something they don’t normally do.  I think we may have some budding future chefs in the making too!”

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