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Book Review – November 2021 – Sallie Eden

Teach Your Dog Cornish by Anne Cakebread
Published by Ylolfa, 2019
I apologise for saying this, but it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents. Many of you might be looking for something different for your dog and here’s the answer: a step by step, illustrated beginners’ guide to speaking Cornish. Aimed at dogs (or humans wanting to communicate with their Cornish speaking canines), it includes basic words and simple phrases, together with a guide to pronunciation.
Unlike many other gifts it doesn’t need batteries and you won’t need to go outside in the rain to play ‘Fetch’ with it.
It’s not a great work of literature, but it’s fun for all the family (although cats might prefer to stick to more traditional gifts).
Nadelek Lowen everyone!

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