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Plea For Help With Flooding Complaint

03.05.11: A Roseland Bed and Breakfast owner is calling for all residents of Gerrans parish to join her in a battle with the water board. Nikki Pyatt, who runs Gerrans Bay House, was the victim of major flooding on 22nd February at 3am. It affected two floors of their house, the main reception and living areas, and the kitchen and house electrics.

Nikki told Roseland Online: “We believe the damage was caused by very high water pressure blowing a pipe. It was the beginning of half term and the day after a local fire [at trewince farm]. I am asking if anyone else experienced any problems around this time as many people have mentioned increased water [pressure manifesting] in showers, WCs, rattling pipes and minor floods. This is why I am pursuing the issue as it was not just us who were affected. Luckily no one was hurt, but it was a very dangerous situation as the mains electrics were flooded.”

If anyone has experienced similar problems, Nikki would like to hear from you so she can take it up with the water board and council with her complaint. She added, “I do not accept that the water company can just say ‘we never accept liability’. It could happen again. I know others were affected, too and I am [intending to] take it up with the consumer council for water.”

Nikki urges everyone who was affected to get in touch and can be contacted by telephone under 01872 580388 or 07749 837716 or by Email: gerransbayhouse@fsmail.net

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